• +30 years experience

Serralharia Melo Sousa

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Melo Sousa is a company with a vast experience, acquired over 30 years, in metallic construction, with emphasis on the manufacture and assembly of various metallic structures, facade and roof coatings, aluminum, PVC, iron and stainless steel frames and cutting and bending services of all types of plates, including laser cutting.

  • +30 years of experience
  • Experienced and qualified team
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The services we provide

Asbestos Removal

We do roofing and siding removal in fiber cement and other materials.

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We do exterior and interior coating, with a wide range of materials.

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We supply and install metal-structured, stainless-steel, or galvanized metal railings and serrated railings.

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Light Metalwork

We manufacture all types of light locksmithing, according to the client's specifications

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Metal gates and doors

We supply and install sliding gates and man gates.

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We offer a service of excellence in cutting and bending all kinds of sheet metal, in the most varied thicknesses.

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